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What Are Alloy of Cable Wrap Aluminium Foil

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The common alloys of cable wrap aluminum foil are 1235, 1145 and 8011. What are the main factor affecting the performance of cable aluminum foil? Learn more.

Cable wrap aluminium foil is one of the main basic materials for the production of communication cables and optical fiber cables. After aluminum-plastic compounding, it covers the cable core, which plays a role of shielding, moisture-proofing and increasing strength. The common alloys are 1235, 1145 and 8011. The resistance of aluminum foil also fully meets the cable making requirements.

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The aluminum foil thickness is about 0.15mm and the width is 500-800 mm. It has a tensile strength of 60-85Mpa and an elongation of 15-17%. The thickness tolerance of aluminum foil is plus or minus 8-15 microns, and the surface of the cable aluminum foil is flat and clean, without holes and no broken ends.

After attaching the plastic film, use a special instrument to tear off the film from the aluminum foil to determine the degree of adhesion of the plastic film. This measurement data is very important and is called peel strength.

According to the communication cable industry standard, the strength should not be less than 6.13N/cm. The surface quality of the aluminum foil is the main factor affecting the peel strength. The main surface quality problems are oil spots, corrosion, over-oxidation, etc.

Oil spots

Oil spots are a common quality problem on the surface of aluminum foil. The main cause is that the rolling oil is mixed with oil or the rolling oil has a high kinematic viscosity. In addition, the angle of the nozzle at the exit of the rolling mill is not correct, and the wind pressure is too small to blow off the oil on the aluminum foil surface.


Corrosion is when aluminum atoms lose electrons to form a white powder that has no protective effect on the substrate. The white ash formed on the surface of the aluminum foil after corrosion will seriously reduce the peel strength of the plastic-coated foil. . The corrosion of aluminum foil is caused by contact with water or lye.


A layer of oxide film formed naturally on the surface of aluminum has a protective effect, but if it is cooled by strong wind at high temperature, it will inevitably cause over-oxidation and discoloration of the surface. The over-oxidized aluminum foil also reduces the peel strength of the plastic-coated foil.

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