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The Quality Requirements of PTP Foil

Publish: Modify: Jun 23, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

PTP foil is a main pharmaceutical packaging. Its pinholes, breaking strength, aluminum foil thickness all will affect the sealing performance of blister packaging. Learn more.

PTP foil is a main pharmaceutical packaging, featuring non-toxic, tasteless, light weight, excellent light-shielding performance and high moisture resistance. It is divided into hard and soft aluminum foil. The former is mostly used for blister packaging of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules, while the latter is generally used as an outer packaging for powder particles and powders

The common alloys of medicinal foil are 8011 and 8021 aluminum foil. The common tempers are O and H18. According to its different tempers, it is used on different medicine packaging. The 8011 aluminum foil thickness is generally below 0.05mm and the 8021 aluminum foil thickness is all above 0.05 mm.

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The PTP blister foil is a single-sided aluminum foil, which has strict requirements on pinhole degree, uncoiling performance and surface wettability. Theoretically aluminum foil can completely block any gas, water vapor and light. But in fact, due to the rolling process, pinholes inevitably appear.

The size and number of pinholes in aluminum foil have a decisive influence on the moisture resistance, gas barrier properties and light-shielding properties of aluminum foil and its composite materials.

The breaking strength of aluminum foil is also very important. If the internal quality of the medical aluminum foil is poor, the foil will often be broken in the production, which will affect the printing and coating. If it is broken in the printing process, it will take a lot of time to continue.

If the PTP blister foil thickness exceeds the deviation requirements, and the thickness is not uneven, it will cause the uneven coating amount of the protective agent and the adhesive during the printing and coating process, and ultimately affects the the packaging quality.

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