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The Features of Aluminum Circle for Pan China

Publish: Modify: Jun 03, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Why is the the use of aluminum circle for pan china is so popular? There are four advantages. Learn more form Haomei, aluminum circle for pan supplier.

According to the relevant data, about half of the world’s cookware is made of aluminum. Why is the use of aluminum circle for pan china is so popular? Let’s find the reason together.

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1. Excellent thermal conductivity

Since the heat needs to be conducted through the cookware to cook food, the cookware needs to maintain good thermal conductivity. Aluminum circle has high thermal conductivity and the aluminum pans can quickly transfer the heat of the fire source to the food, providing good conditions for cooking.

2. Strong corrosion resistance

In the high-temperature cooking, the cookware should be of stable chemical properties, which determines that the metal materials used in cookware should have a strict range. Utensils aluminum discs is of excellent corrosion resistance, which enables the cookware meet the corresponding requirements.

3. Great stamping property

Since aluminum circle is soft and easy to be extend, it it can achieve a variety of shapes and styles according to the design requirements. In addition, the cookware made of aluminum disc is of shinning surface and no defects.

4. Low density and light weight

Compared with other metal, aluminum circle has low density. Therefore, with same space, the weight of aluminum circle is lighter. That is helpful for the convenient use of aluminum pans.

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