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The Alloys of Deep Drawing Round Aluminum Sheet

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The round aluminum plate suitable for deep drawing is mainly deformed aluminum like 1060, 3003, 5052,etc. The deep drawing effect is also related to tempers. Learn more.

The range of metal materials for making cookware is very narrow, because cookware requires good thermal conductivity and chemical stability, otherwise it will lead to changes in the taste of the food. Many metals conduct heat well enough, but are too chemically unstable to be suitable for processing food.

The round aluminum sheet is a metal with excellent thermal conductivity. It does not rust and is resistant to many forms of corrosion. It is a commonly used metal for cooking utensils. It is commonly available in deep drawing, die-cast or anodized form. Deep drawing round aluminum plate is widely used in baking discs, juice trays, cake muffin pans, soup pots, steam cookers, pasta pans and even frying pans,etc.

Deep Drawing Round Aluminum Sheet.jpg

The aluminum suitable for stretching is mainly deformed aluminum like 1060, 3003, 5052,etc. In addition, the tempers also have great effect on the deep drawing effect of aluminum circle. As we all know that during the processing, the aluminum disc circle needs to be annealed to achieve different degrees of softness and hardness.

With the length of the annealing time, the stretching and elongation of the aluminum plate will also change continuously. That is to say, the longer the annealing time, the more suitable this aluminum alloy is for the drawing process. The aluminum plate with O temper is most suitable for deep drawing.

1060 aluminum circle

1060 aluminum circle in O, H22 and H24 is suitable for deep drawing. 1060-O temper is best for deep drawing. If the stretching is not large and the aluminum circle needs to have a certain hardness, it is recommended to use H22 and H24.

3003 aluminum discs

3003 aluminum discs are suitable for stamping that is not high and needs to maintain the hardness to a large extent. It is generally considered to choose O temper to make up for the hardness of the 3xxx aluminum discs.

5052 round aluminum sheet

5052 deep drawing aluminum alloy often needs to be stretched during use. However, the stretched aluminum circle is generally not too hard, and it will burst if it is too hard. Therefore, the elongation and tensile strength of the round aluminum plate will have different requirements according to the stretching-height and the stretching method. Haomei Aluminum has different alloys of the deep drawing aluminum. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it.

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