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Top 4 Questions on Aluminum Foils

Publish: Modify: Jan 14, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

What do you like to know about aluminum foils? The aluminum foil manufacturing process? uses for aluminum foils? Is its a good insulator? Is it an element? We give you the answer here.

Aluminum foils is is commonly seen in our daily life. We know much about it, but there are much more we don’t know about it. There are top 4 questions on aluminum foils. Do you know the answer?

No.1 Is aluminum foil a good insulator?

aluminum pipe wrap.jpgYes, aluminum foil is a good insulator. This is because it prevents heat radiation by reflecting it back to the source. Others just slow down the cooling process while aluminum foil reflects the heat emission and thus tends to be a better insulator.

Because of this property, aluminum foil is often used to speed up the thawing and used as aluminum pipe wrap.

No.2 Why is aluminum foil shiny on one side, and not the other?

This difference is just because of aluminum foil manufacturing process. Aluminum foil is produced by rolling it between successive steel rollers. Each rolling will make the aluminum foil thickness thinner.

In the last rolling stage, the aluminum foil is so thin that it is easy to tear. To solve this problem, two sheets of foil are placed face to face and passed though the final set of rollers together. Therefore, one side has contact with the steel rollers and polished while the other side doesn’t.

No.3 Is aluminum foil an element or compound?

Most of people know what is an element, maybe you are not so clear about what is a compound. A compound is a substance formed when two or more chemical elements are chemically bonded together. In mixtures, the substances present are not chemically bonded together.

aluminum foil properties.jpgAluminum foil is a substance mainly formed by one element, that is aluminum element. Sometimes, we add some trace elements like magnesium, manganese and zinc to improve its performance, but they don’t chemically bonded and has small proportion that are not over 10%.

No.4 What are some handy, unconventional uses for aluminum foil?

In daily life, we often can find the barbers use aluminum foil to make shape. Our housewives use aluminum foil to unfreeze the food for it helps to speed up the thawing. If your garden get insects and you don’t want to use the pesticide, you can lay the aluminum foil paper on the soil, because the sun on the aluminum foil paper will make the temperature go up, and it will kill the insects.

If you like to know more uses for aluminum foils, welcome to contact us.



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